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Dessert & Drink menu

30% OFF on all drinks for reservations made at least one day prior to arrival.

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Some if the menus are recommended to be ordered in advance.


Affogato al caffè ¥1,015


A sweet and bitter dessert of ORIBIO Kagawa’s original homemade vanilla ice cream created with organic rice-milk,

organic sugar, and no egg.  Served with fresh Italian Espresso rich in flavor and body. 

【Non-dairy Dessert】




ホールでのお持ち帰りご予約承ります。12カット分 10,671円税込 

ORIBIO’s Brown Rice Gâteau au Chocolat  ¥582

A premium dessert created with powdered brown rice flour made of natural, EM-grown rice from the rice fields of ORIBIO, organic sugar, organic soy milk, organic cocoa powder.   Topped with non-sugar Organic strawberry spread and organic sugar powder. 【Non-dairy Dessert】

◆135kcal/ piece

Whole Cake (w/ tax ¥6,250)

Available to take out.  (No toppings. Served frozen.)

A Apple Pie à la Mode ¥ 1,605 〈Sold out〉

 【Recommended to Order in Advance】

It’s finally here!  After much research and tryouts, our homemade plant based crust became as crispy as ever.  Paired with the original rice milk vanilla ice cream, the organic sugar coated apple compote made of EM raised apples of Aomori is a true delicacy.


【Non-dairy Dessert】


Coffee Jello ¥732


Our original plant based coffee jellies are created from coffee of ultimate richness made from highly qualified green coffee beans.  The specialty comes from not only the selection of the premium graded coffee beans of aroma, the Arabica coffee beans, but the adjusted roasting time and temperature according to the production areas and brands of the coffee beans.

Enjoy the perfect combination of our premium coffee jello together with our homemade organic rice-milk ice cream.

【Non-dairy Dessert】


Tiramisu   ¥632 〈Today Sold out〉

 【Recommended to Order in Advance】

Homemade Tiramisu made with powdered brown rice flour made of natural, ,domestic flour , organic sugar, 

 organic cocoa , soy milk cream , and real Italian espresso. 【Non-dairy Dessert】



Gelato  (Double Size) ¥913


Choose from any combination of the two flavors. 

【Rice-milk vanilla 、SOY(Strawberry・Chocolate・Matcha Green Tea )】

This gelato is mede of  organic suger and organic rice-milk or organic soymilk.

【Non-dairy Dessert】


Gateau au Matcha   ¥582  〈Today Sold out〉

A premium dessert created with Oribio’s powdered brown rice flour, organic soy milk, and organic Uji Matcha powder.  Boiled organic sweet red beans of Hokkaido adds perfectly to the delicacy.   

【Non-dairy Dessert】


Whole Cake (w/ tax ¥6,250)

Available to take out.  (No toppings. Served frozen.)

Soy Milk Pudding 〈Today Sold out〉

 Organic soy milk pudding made with exclusively selected organic ingredients in three flavors.

【Non-dairy Dessert】


【Recommended to Order in Advance】【Non-dairy Dessert】

Organic Vanilla Pudding  ¥667

(Ingredients: vanilla beans, soy milk, and sugar, all organic)

◆140 Kcal per serving

Organic Cocoa Pudding  ¥618

(Ingredients: cocoa, soy milk, and sugar, all organic)

◆132 Kcal per serving

Organic Uji Matcha Pudding  ¥762

(Ingredients: Uji Matcha, Soy Milk, and sugar, all organic)

◆148 Kcal per serving



¥869 / (no milk and suger ¥759)

Coffee with mild and perfect bitterness, bringing a pleasant aftertaste.Perfect choice for a refreshing break time.


Iced Coffee 

¥1,199/ (no milk and suger ¥1,023)

Iced full-bodied strong coffee with rich aroma, satisfying for even connoisseurs.


Tartarian Buckwheat Tea


Pleasant smelling tasty tea made of buckwheat seed.


Green Tea Hot/Ice


Delicious green tea made of organic green tea leaf domestically harvested in the island of Yakushima and others. A taste of nature containing high amounts of catechin.。


Domestic Organic Tea


Tea made by a tea company that had been growing organic, pesticide-free tea leaf since 1985. A cup of tea with a gentle sweetness and a touch of bitterness prepared just for you.


Ginger Tea


Domestic, pesticide-free tea blended with golden ginger. Enjoy the light sweetness of tea with the fresh aftertaste of ginger.




Mixed Berry Soda / Lemon Soda


0% Sugar, 0% Carbohydrate, 0% Calorie. No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors added. High in vitamins. Contains African mango extract, Arginine, and Citrulline. A high-spec carbonated energy drink for all.


Non-alcoholic Cocktail


Pomegranates, grapes, and lychee added to vinegar that had supported the health of the Japanese for years. A delicacy with a blend of natural sweet fruit flavor and plant based vinegar acidity.






A demitasse cup of aromatic, deep flavor from the home of the coffee, Italy. A magnificent blend of richness, biting bitterness, and glamorous taste.


Regular Coffee


A perfect combination of the rich aroma and mild flavor for your luxurious relaxation.